New Zealand’s Alert Levels changed at 11.59 pm Tuesday 21st September 2020. Auckland will move to Alert Level 2, and the rest of New Zealand will move to Alert Level 1.

Peryer Construction will continue current Covid-19 Protocols on our Sites and in our Office. Please refer to the attached Construction Industry Protocols for Alert Level 2.

We are all individually and as a group trying to cope with this unprecedented global pandemic of which none of us know how long it will continue, or to what extent it will escalate. All we can do is to firstly make safe and sensible decisions as an individual, and secondly make strong clear decisions as management and team to protect us, our families, our employment and business in the hope we can get through, and out of the other side of this unparalleled health and economic crisis.

What WE are doing as your Management Notice 2 | 23/03/20

Full Company Management Response including Health & Safety Plan, Government Guidelines and Covid-19 Safety Measures can be viewed here:

Additional Information is outlined in the documentation below:

Let’s do it together – commit to personal hygiene by washing your hands, be kind to each other as this is a stressful time for everyone. Below is a link to the Health Department’s News Release regarding the voluntary Flu Tracking register. There is a link in the news release and only takes a few easy steps to register yourself or any other members of your household. Stay healthy everyone.

If you have any questions or concerns – please call our Company Manager Jan Peryer on 0274 388 – 966 or your immediate Manager – we are here to help. Stay safe and well!

PCWL Management Team