Health & Safety

Health & Safety Embracing our duty of care for the safety and wellbeing of our people

As a family orientated business, the safety, health and wellbeing of our people is extremely important to us.  We are committed to keeping people safe, healthy, motivated and engaged at work. We truly believe that a safe and healthy workplace has a positive impact on the personal wellbeing of our people, their safety and their productivity.

Our focus is on:

  • Preventing ill health and disease by making our workplace and work activities healthier. People should not be exposed to any substances or tasks during their working day that could affect their health. Our processes focus on removing such risks and have recently implemented occupational health monitoring for our people.
  • Where people are absent from work, we will help them return as quickly as possible and in a safe manner and able to remain in work by managing any individual health issues.

Our future success in growing Peryer Construction relies on delivering quality projects, on time, on budget and above all, safely.   Safety and wellbeing of our people is and always will be, our number one priority, it can never be taken for granted.  Everyone, regardless of job role, has an important part to play and we all have a responsibility to ensure the safety and welfare of our colleagues, site workers, contractors and the communities in which we work.

By working together, looking out for one another and having the confidence to challenge behaviours, speaking out when we feel something doesn’t look or feel safe, we will achieve zero harm on all our sites.  It remains our first, and most enduring, priority to ensure each and every member of our team returns home to their families in the same condition which they arrived to work at the start of the day.

Peryer Construction take their position within the construction industry and occupational Health and Safety seriously.  To honour this commitment we have chosen to meet all Health and Safety legislation including the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015 and ASNZ 4801/Occupational Health and Safety Management and are working towards up skilling all our people.  This is evidenced by


All Site Foremen & Contracts Manager attended Health & Safety Leadership for Supervisors” Course by IMPAC

All Foremen will have completed Comprehensive First Aid training by the end of 2018 with other staff due to receive first aid training by end of 2019.

Bill Peryer (Director) – as a member of the Business Leaders Health & Safety Forum, Bill is committed to leading our company to improve our H&S culture and performance. Bill is booked to attend the next H&S Forum in March 2019.

IMPAC Accident Investigation Training to be attended in 2019, by Contracts Manager (Les Williams) & Trainee Project Manager/QS (Jess van Lent). The training will also be open to other employees interested in the Investigation Process.
ICAM (Incident Cause Analysis Method) root cause investigation methodology.
ICAM investigators are an asset for any organisation wanting to maximise learning from adverse events, to avoid reoccurrence, and to improve future resilience to hazards. This course introduces best practice in incident investigation and teaches practical skills for you to apply in your workplace.

Public Safety

Public Safety is a critical part of our environmental, safety, health and wellbeing programmes, and we work with all appropriate stakeholders to improve industry and national standards.  On every project, we prepare and implement safety management plans specific to the work site.

The result is an exceptional safety performance, even in hazardous work environments, severe weather and challenging locations.

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