KOHC Hindmarsh Street, Johnsonville – Standard Build

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12-26 Hindmarsh Street, Johnsonville, Wellington

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NTT 01 – uploaded 06/05/22.


This project is for the following Lots :

Lots 1-2:  2 level, 4 bedroom / 2-2.5 bathroom semi-detached houses

Lot 9:  2 level, 4 bedroom / 2 bathroom house

Lots 10-12:  2 level 4, bedroom / 1.5 bathroom houses

Lot 13:  3 Floors comprising : Ground level community rooms, kitchen and WC/laundry,  level 1 & 2 are 3 Bedroom/2 bathroom apartments. Note exterior stairs are steel framed with timber decking/treads

Lots 14-16: 2 level, 5 bedroom / 2 bathroom house with single garage

Please advise if you will price all lots or otherwise indicate what lots you will price and also please provide suggestions for cost savings, early procurement etc.

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