NEWLANDS COLLEGE – Block A Refurbishment – 1st Floor (SIP)

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TENDER DEADLINE  | TENDERS must be received by 4:00PM

Subs please ensure you check the MoE Major Works Contract – Conditions of Contract & Warranty Requirements (refer PART A – pgs 36-37) – Subcontractor Warranties.

Vaccination requirements for contractors, tradespeople and consultants

As you are probably aware, the Government has recently introduced new safety guidelines for everybody working at educational facilities. Everyone who works on a School or kura site who may have contact with children or students or will be present at a time when children and students are also present must have had a first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine by Monday 15 November and be fully vaccinated by 1 January 2022. The term ‘works’ includes all contractors, tradespeople and consultants (and all their staff and subcontractors). Please provide confirmation and evidence to PCWL that the above requirement is being addressed within your business. All Worker Vaccination information will only be accessible to our PCWL Management, Site Managers and MoE/School Representatives only.

Visiting Schools: The request is that all workers should wear a mask when entering schools and sign-in/out as per usual processes at the school office.

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